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When will the music be available?

When you purchase your music, if you pay by PAYPAL the music will be immediately available to download.  If you pay by credit card it can be up to 24 hours before your music is ready to download, and bank transfer will depend on when the funds arrive in our account.

There are no refunds on downloads.


Where and when do I download my music?

Once you have received an email confirming your music is ready to download, click on that link or go into your account

Enter your user name and password and then click on the DOWNLOAD link on the right side.  This will take you directly to your new product.  You have 3 opportunities to download so if something goes wrong the first time, you have 2 back up opportunities.


Opening downloaded files?

In order to download music, you will require an unzip program.  7Zip is a free program you can download and use to open your music files.  Whether downloading to a computer or an android, you will ALWAYS need to unzip the file before using (some computers will have this type of software already installed).




If you are downloading to Samsung or an android device, you can download directly onto your device.

If you are using an Apple Device we recommend downloading onto your desktop or laptop first and then you need itunes to be able to then download it onto your phone or Ipad.


How to Download to different devices


IF YOU HAVE A SAMSUNG PHONE OR DEVICE,  you should be able to download directly with no problem.  However if there is a problem, THESE INSTRUCTIONS MAY HELP -


Where to find your files?

Once your music has been downloaded onto your device, the file would generally be stored in the Download Directory.  If you are unable to locate it there, the next option would be to do a search (each system will have a different method of searching for files on that device).


How to burn your music to a CD

If you wish to burn to a CD this link should help


If you are experiencing any other problems, please contact our office.  Email or for phone contact, please call Martin direct on 0406 430 075.  If you get message bank, please leave a clear message of your name in full, and the problem you are experiencing, so he can follow up before getting back to you.

We want your experience to be quick and easy so please pass on any feedback to us if you are experiencing any problems, so we are able to sort them out for you.


Karen & Martin Howden

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