Ajani Yoga 1





Enjoy the AJANI musical journey with down-tempo electronic beats, sensual melodies, textured sound design and layers of lush organic rhythms from break-thru artist Eleganic. Great for teaching flow yoga classes or for your home practice.

Details Use for: Yoga/Pilates

Time: 60min

Music Style: Electronica/Chill

All tracks except last for flow yoga.

# Song Title Made Famous By BPM
1 The One For flow yoga 7:10
2 Beating Still For flow yoga 6:03
3 Moving For flow yoga 6:16
4 Ten For flow yoga 4:25
5 You and I For flow yoga 6:02
6 Lucid For flow yoga 5:20
7 Keeps Getting Better For flow yoga 5:07
8 Hidden For flow yoga 4:38
9 The Dream Within For flow yoga 4:38
10 Transition into Summer Relaxation/Savasana 10:24

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Ajani Yoga 1

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