Aussie Gold Cardio 140


Aussie Gold Cardio 140



Aussie Gold Cardio 140 PPCA FREE CD

From our partners in the US, Muscle Mixes Music, we bring you this new music series produced by Music & Motion called AUSSIE GOLD.

The first in the series is called CARDIO 140, flawlessly mixed and phrased by SAKIS ANASTOPOULOS (this is our first PPCA Free CD) at a steady 140 BPM makes it great for Hi/Lo, Athletic Conditioning; Kickboxing; Warm-ups and more (i.e. pitch it down from step!).  For any of you out there having previously bought the 140BPM series, this one is a definite to add to your collection. All top 40 music in this one!

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Aussie Gold Cardio 140

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