Chi Ball – Black


Chi Ball – Black

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Fragrance: Aniseed

Black is a protective colour. It is grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals. It wards off hatred and negative emotions. It can activate the subconscious mind which can put life into perspective. Black is associated with Grounding, Calming, Perspective, Understanding & Self-worth Aniseed This warm, spicy aroma is often used to ease the discomfort of introverted and fearful people, while aiding the digestion, boosting the lungs and easing migraines and headaches. Aniseed calms and energises our mind bringing focus to our thoughts and relieving the stress caused by an over active mind.

Aniseed is associated with Calm, Focus, Energise, Meditative & Alignment.

The ChiBall is a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball that has been infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of wellbeing. ChiBalls have been especially designed to be easily inflatable and deflatable, and are ideally suited to match the wide variety of uses found throughout the ChiBall Method exercises. They are hand-crafted and of superior quality in durability*, look, feel, and scent. *Anti-burst tested to 250kg

Chi Ball – Black

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