Honey Onyx


Honey Onyx



Honey Onyx, as the title suggests, contains music of sweet nectar combined with bands of colorful sounds throughout. Music for both chilling out, and celebration alike, these tracks will help un-clutter the mind into a state of meditative bliss and relaxation. The groove-laden electro-lounge selections on volume 1 is great for spas, massages, Reiki, yoga or any setting where a calming yet uplifting backdrop is desired. This chilled out series captures all things down-tempo. Kick back, unwind & escape. CD Version Now Available !!
# Song title Made Famous by BPM/Time
  1 Shakti Suzann Bain 5:09
  2 Drops Softly Fallin Suzann Bain 4:31
  3 Gathering of Stars Suzann Bain 4:06
  4 Inner Vision Suzann Bain 4:18
  5 Lights Taking Shape Suzann Bain 4:10
  6 Not Up, Not Down Suzann Bain 3:57
  7 Space Suzann Bain 3:51
  8 A Door to the Sun Suzann Bain 5:23
  9 Each Day Ending Suzann Bain 4:09
  10 It Comes and Goes In Waves Suzann Bain 4:31


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Honey Onyx

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