Love2Move HIIT 45 second intervals



Finally new fitness music for your interval classes or PT sessions  (that’s not a tabata!)

With 2 warmups, 45 second work intervals with 15 seconds rest, this is tailor made for all your circuits, bootcamps, boxing and aqua or cycle interval classes.   With the Love 2 Move product you can change the order of the tracks at any time and it will still mix perfectly and the timing will remain consistent.

And some fun music as many of  our participants or clients these days are of a varied range of ages, this music brings  you from the 60s through to the 90s.  My participants have been raving about it during the testing phase and some of the younger crowd thought the music had new releases because they hadn’t heard them before!!!


PLESAE  NOTE – The track will run for45 seconds then a BELL will count in and out of the 15 second break, then the music will recommence.  This gives participants a clear indication of when the work period stops and the rest period begins and ends.


Download your copy today and start creating new class formats

All tracks are cover versions hence able to be PPCA free – original artists listed for track information  only.


01-138 – DJ Yuri & Marcelle – ‘Boogie Wonderland’ (2K Remix)
02- 138 – Disco Pirates – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2022 Remix)
03-150 – Mary-Anne – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (NRG Dance Mix)
04-150 – Zone 2 – Jackie
05-150 – Bing Bong – Sugar, Sugar (Remix)
06-150 – Donna M. – Diva (NRG English Mix)
07-150 – Inside Out – Believe (NRG Mix)
08-150 – Gringo – Lambada (Dance Remix)
09-150 – G-Men – Killing Me Softly (NRG Mix)
10-150 – Polo feat. Anthony C – Knock Three Times (Dance 3 Times Mix)
11-150 – Dream Chaser – Gonna Fly Now (Electro House Mix)
12-150 – Disco Pirates vs Miquel Brown – So Many Men, So Little Time(2022 Remix)
13-150 – Eclipse – The Look Of Love (Dance Remix)
14-150 – Blockbuster – ‘You Should Be… (Dancing)
15-150 – Disco Pirates – Never Ending Story
16-  Cool Down – I’m Not in love

Love2Move HIIT 45 second intervals