Just Dance 19





Nothing says summer like NEW MUSIC! Muscle Mixes Music unveils the LATEST release in its BEST-SELLING series, Just Dance 19—a mix of electro-pop, dance and EDM hits!

Setting the upbeat pace are “Green Light” by Lorde followed directly by the smash hit “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” by ZAYN and Taylor Swift.  Ed Sheerhan’s billboard top hit, “Shape of You” dishes out major heat while “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Kara pump your class with high-energy fun!  Just Dance 19 also rocks the Chainsmokers catchy chart topping hit, “Something Just Like This” featuring best-selling artists Coldplay.

Inspire your classes today with this feel good album that will have folks singing their way through these busy summer days!

All songs are seamlessly mixed at 128 BPM with 32-count phrasing.

Download today or get your copy on CD – to listen, click on the song titles below-


Just Dance 19

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