Love2Move – Top Hits Remixed



Love 2 Move music is perfectly phrased and mixed but better still, it’s extra long at 21 tracks AND you can play it in any order you like.  All tracks are 130bpm and mix perfectly with each other.  Produced and mixed by DJ Sakis.

This is part of the EZY2MIX range of music.  All tracks are 130bpm.  It’s a non stop fully phrased mix.

The exciting news – Ezy2Mix is a new concept, which allows instructors to create custom non-stop mixes, without any editing, as tracks on this album are fully phrased and formatted in such a way that they will always play seamlessly/non-stop,  in any order that you choose.  You can create custom mixes from any tracks on this album and  you can also use any other tracks, from other Ezy2Mix format albums at the same BPM to create your own custom mixes!

And if you are using players that can speed up/slow down tracks, these tracks will also play in time,  at whatever speed you select.

So it’s like buying a whole heap of individual tracks and you can be your own DJ!

NOTE this music IS PPCA free however is not suitable for virtual classes.  For your virtual classes, click this link to take you to our wide range of options from Muscle Mix Music.


1 Shape of You Disco Pirates Remix             3 min 56
2 Havana Disco Pirates NRG  Remix   3 min  12
3 Just Like Fire Disco Pirates Remix              4 min 55
4 Body Like a Back Road Disco Pirates Remix              2 min 57
5 Lean On Disco Pirates Remix              3 min 56
6 Pray for Me Disco Pirates Remix              3 min 12
7 Starboy Imax Remix                            4 min 55
8 One Dance Imax Remix                            6 min 53
9 This Girl Imax Deep House Remix     4 min 55
10 This Is What You Came Disco Pirates Remix             4 min 55
11 Love Yourself Disco Pirates Remix             5 min 10
12 Can’t Feel My Face Disco Pirates NRG Remix     4 min 11
13 Can’t Stop the Feeling! Disco Pirates Remix              5 min 10
14 7 Years Disco Pirates Remix              3 min 41
15 Chained to the Rhythm Disco Pirates Remix              4 min 11
16 This Girl Disco Pirates Remix              5 min 10
17 Fly Me to the Moon Disco Pirates Remix             5  min 10
18 Cheerleader Disco Pirates Remix             3 min 41
19 Up Disco Pirates Remix             5 min 24
20 Blurred Lines Disco Pirates Remix             4 min 55
21 Uptown Funk Disco Pirates Remix             5 min 54
Love2Move – Top Hits Remixed