Martial Fusion Rockin’ Body Rhythms



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Sensei Guillermo Gomez does it again! Turn up your workout with this music explosion of Club and Techno tracks.
This fusion of both Popular Club Hits and Instrumental tracks all optimized at 150 BPM has all the energy to keep your class moving non-stop for the full 60 minutes. All in 32 counts, just pop it in and get your class moving! Designed by Sensei Guillermo Gomez, a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido, and has trained martial arts for over 24 yrs.

Sensei Guillermo Gomez is the creator of Martial Fusion, a unique fitness program that fuses martial arts, dance and yoga, developing the integration of body, mind and spirit. When Guillermo first discovered martial arts at a very young age, he found that the techniques and principles he was learning inside the dojo applied to all aspects of his life. Today, his teachings range from weight loss, health and fitness, to relieving anxiety and stress, conquering fear, overcoming life’s obstacles and challenges, and finding peace of mind. Providing ancient wisdom for the modern world, Sensei Guillermo Gomez combines physical movement with mental exercises and spiritual guidance to help others improve their lives.

# Song title Made Famous by BPM/Time
  1 Firestarter The Prodigy 150
  2 Bad Romance Lady Gaga 150
  3 Boom Boom Pow The Black Eyed Peas 150
  4 Encore Un Fois Sash! 150
  5 Move Move Robbie Rivera 150
  6 Let The Party Begin Klubheads 150
  7 To The Rhythm Yves Deruyter 150
  8 Synesthasia Space Force One 150
  9 Rollercoaster Amoeba Assassin 150
  10 I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock of Seagulls 150
  11 I Like the Way (You Move) (Rick B Remix) BodyRockers 150
  12 The Boys Of Summer Don Henley/DJ Sammy 150
  13 Begin Again Original song by Muscle Mixes Music cool-down

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Martial Fusion Rockin’ Body Rhythms

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