Tabata 13 – ROAR





The latest release from Total Body Tabata ROAR, vol 13 has arrived and is
ready to turn the intensity up in your tabata classes! From the chart topping
warm-up track “Blown” to the cool-down “Dynasty“, Total Body Tabata Roar,
Volume 13 will motivate your class to push their Tabata workout limits. Use the
whole album for our 60-minute TBT HiiT workout or select your favorite Tabata
tracks for a quicker 30 or 45 minute workout. 10 Tabata songs to choose from!
Specially designed for the music intensity to build during the WORK interval and
for it to diminish during the REST interval.

10 Tabata 150 BPM songs to choose from!

Download today or Cd’s available.   To listen click on the song titles below –

Tabata 13 – ROAR

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