Drop it like this


Drop it like this



Drop it like this Piloxing

Piloxing creator Viveca Jensen strikes again with the latest addition to this best-selling collection—Piloxing, vol. 15, “Drop It Like This”! In true Piloxing fashion, this album is packed with hard-hitting vibes and loaded with the energy needed for your class.

Dive right in with the uptempo, pop rock hit, “Ain’t It Fun” and the chart-topping, electro/hip-hop “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. Mixing it up with house and dance vibes are remixed versions of TST and Twoloud’s “Drop It Like This” and David Guetta’s “Bad”. Keeping the energy high until the end is “Human” by American singer-songwriter Chrstina Perri.

This release looks to become yet another hit in our best-selling series. 12 non-stop, cardio tracks ranging from 135-145 BPM, plus a ballad. 

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Drop it like this

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