*Muscle Mix Now™ Premium APP


Muscle Mix Now™ APP


With the Muscle Mix Now™ app, you can access thousands of songs and hundreds of pre-mixes at the BPM you
choose for one LOW price!   Music is available for both PPCA free face to face classes, as well as a huge library of Virtual Music for online classes.  

Monthly Direct Debit USD $12.95, or

Annual purchase current special USD $99

(less 5% discount using code DISCOUNT5).

To purchase the APP, or find out about the 3 plans – Business, Pro and Annual Premium plans, scroll down.   All direct debits are via US Dollars, and use the code DISCOUNT5 for a 5% discount which will list you as an Australian customer therefore access to Music & Motion in Victoria for support in real time.


 By joining Muscle Mix Now™ Premium you will get:

 Get UNLIMITED access to thousands of songs.

 Unleash your inner DJ to create flawless non-stop mixes.

 Customize music playlists without having to dig through huge commercial libraries.

 Choose from hundreds of pre-mixed playlists.

 Adjust beats-per-minute (BPM) to the speed you want.

 Play music without internet connection.

 Cancel anytime!



  1. Facebook (virtual music only)
  2. Instagram (virtual music only)
  3. YouTube* (virtual music only)
  4. Live streaming using Zoom
  5. In-person classes
  6. VIDEO CLASSES CANNOT BE RECORDED – If you need royalty-free licensed music for your recorded workout videos, click HERE to learn more.

(*Some songs used on YouTube cannot be monetized) 

Plan Details –  All 3 plans give access to the Muscle Mix Now App.  Click the link in the headings below to purchase and for pricing (USD).

  • Business Plan – great for gyms and studios who do in-person AND on-demand classes.  This membership gives up to 20 instructors access to the app and licensing rights for in-person classes, live virtual classes, and recorded videos.

  • Pro Plan – perfect for individual instructors who are creating their own on-demand libraries.  This plan gives licensing rights for in-person classes, live virtual classes, and recorded videos.  It’s just like the Business Plan but made for one fit pro instead of 20.

  • Annual Premium Plan – ideal for instructors doing in-person classes only and/or posts on social media.  This plan does NOT give licensing rights for recorded content outside of social media posts.

Download the FREE APP from Apple or Playstore and then by joining Muscle Mix Now™ Premium by choosing either yearly subscription or monthly direct debit you will get access to thousands of songs.

The monthly direct debit can only be done with a visa or mastercard.

*Muscle Mix Now™ Premium APP