Piloxing Barre 11


Piloxing Barre 11



PILOXING BARRE, vol. 11 is a super-charged mix of tracks is set to
tighten, tone, and scorch calories! Kick it off with “It Ain’t Me” by Kygo & Selena
Gomez. Lady Gaga’s smash hit, “The Cure” and Ed Sheerans “Shape of You
will rev your classes engines. “No Time” by the Heavy’s high intensity and “Faith
with Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande packs the perfect punch before the cool
down! James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go” brings class to a close with a cool
down that will send your classes out the door feeling hopeful and happy!

11 non-stop tracks mixed at 140 BPM, plus one cool-down ballad make this 47
minute workout one to remember!

Download today or order your copy on CD – to listen click on song titles below.

Piloxing Barre 11

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