Weight No More weight management appointments


Weight No More weight management and nutrition bootcamp

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2 x private appointments (usually over 3 weeks) and a plan to get you started on a healthy diet and good nutrition whether for weight loss, gain or maintenance.  You will then be on your own but armed with information to get you on your way to achieving your goals. If you to continue beyond this the appointments will be $60 per session.


This is a 6 month commitment to help you achieve your goals whether they be weight loss, gain, management or just want to be educated about nutrition for you and your family.

This program is personally designed for you and I work with you each week to help you make the changes you want / need in order to achieve your goals.  We will track your results regularly to ensure you stay on track and can see what your achievements are.

Following are payment options for 1:1 appointments.  If you are going with a payment option choose the one you want pay the $180 to secure your booking and I will contact you to make the arrangements for the future payments.

  • 6 month program $875 in full
  • Instalments 1 x $180 prior to commencement and then 4 monthly payments of $174 each
  • Direct debit 1 x $180 then fortnightly payments of $100 for 7 x fortnightly payments



In a group scenario we will cover all aspects of Nutrition, clever shopping, how to read food labels, understanding portion sizes and recommended serves of all food groups, macronutrients, micronutrients, metabolism and much more.  We have an initial one on one consultation to see where you are at and assess your goals, then 7 group sessions initially with a 4 week break where we support you via a private facebook group, then a final 12 week group session to ensure you stay on track for the future.

What’s included –

  • one 1:1 appointment
  • 8 group sessions
  • support throughout
  • weigh ins, measurements, body fat testing (all optional but recommended)

Cost $275


No refunds once you have taken up the commitment.  Remember this is a commitment to yourself and your future.  WE want you to have a  healthy body on the inside and out and ensure you have every chance of living an active healthy long life.


Weight No More weight management appointments

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